Protandim® works for US. It also works for our PETS.

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Pet owners everywhere share the same desire when it comes to our four-legged family members: we want them to be completely healthy, happy, and living as long as possible. However, the same problem with free radicals and oxidative stress that we humans face daily is also a daily threat to our pets.

Elevated oxidative stress levels have been found in dogs, cats, and horses. Inflammation, also associated with oxidative stress, has been known to cause joint pain, stiffness, and limping, especially in older animals. What can owners do to help keep their pets healthy, mobile, and energetic? Give them Protandim® so that they, too, can benefit from anti-aging and healing at the cellular level! Eight peer-reviewed clinical studies at prove that Protandim is a true scientific breakthrough, reducing oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days!

Protandim® has been clinically proven to work on all mammals; therefore why not your furry pets! Our pets share the same problem we do with free radicals and oxidative stress on a daily basis.

Free Radicals are known to significantly contribute to many animal and pet illnesses such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) which is a virus infection similar to humans. Free Radicals contribute to genetically pre-disposed conditions such as circulatory & heart conditions, canine hip dysplasia, arthritis and asthma.

Our dogs, cats, horses share the same illnesses that we do such as respiratory problems, diabetes, pancreatitis and cancer. It’s all about inflammation in their bodies commonly associated with oxidative stress known to cause joint pains, stiffness and limping.

One dose of Protandim® works on your pet’s DNA just like it works on you — modulating the genes which produce Catalase, Superoxide Dismutase, and Glutathione, up-regulating the “good” genes which enhance health and down-regulating the “bad” genes which produce disease products. Your pet’s inflammation levels are decreased, while their antioxidant levels are tremendously increased.

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LifeVantage Canine Health is a daily supplement specifically formulated for dogs. Building on the same active ingredients as Protandim®, we created a unique formulation that uses Nrf2-activating ingredients, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids to:
  •  Reduce oxidative stress
     Support brain, heart and eye functions
     Support normal joint function, mobility and flexibility
     Support cognitive function
Reducing oxidative stress in dogs may reduce many of the disorders associated with aging in canines – all common problems that profoundly affect their quality of life. These symptoms include disorientation, decreased social interaction, loss of prior house-training, sleep disturbance and decreased mobility.

The combined active ingredients in LifeVantage Canine Health may provide dogs with the opportunity to be more active and involved in everyday life and family activities.

A First for Dogs
The first canine supplement to combat oxidative stress through Nrf2 activation, Canine Health is the result of our collaboration with world-renowned pet product formulator William Barnett, DVM. Together we created a product specifically formulated and properly dosed for canine consumption -- a delicate balance that uses the same active ingredients as Protandim but also includes omega-3 fatty acids and collagen, making it like no other canine supplement on the market.

Canine Health’s unique formulation uses marine sources for omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and is an excellent source of DHA, which is virtually absent from canine diets.

Dog-Friendly Taste & Ease for Owners
Canine Health comes in a chewable tablet that combines the dog-friendly tastes of bacon, chicken and liver, so it’s more palatable and easier to give to dogs. This all-in-one supplement eliminates the need to purchase collagen and omega-3 fatty acids supplements separately.

LifeVantage Canine Health could help preserve your relationship with the dog or dogs you love.

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One dose of Protandim® works on your pet’s DNA just like it works on yours!

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Your pet’s inflammation levels are decreased, while their antioxidant levels are increased. As a result, benefits may include:

• Better skin and coat
• Increased energy & endurance
• Healthier immune system
• Better sleep
• Better joint health and mobility
• Reduced joint pain and inflammation
• Stronger resistance to allergies
• Better tooth & gum health
• Better cardiovascular health
• Increased mental function and alertness
• Reduction of age-related cognitive decline

Competitive animals such a race horses, agility dogs, hunting dogs, show animals, and service animals are great candidates for Protandim®.

Protandim® works on all mammals, just like it does on humans! 

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Allow them to benefit from anti-aging and allow them to heal on the cellular level just like you.  It’s been proven that Protandim® works on all mammals and has the Clinical Studies and Patents to prove it!

Protandim® is all-natural, safe and effective therapy that may provide relief from the discomfort of aches, pains, and soreness, as well as reduce the risk of disease, and improve the overall health, energy, and quality of life for your pet over its entire lifetime.

Suggestions on Sharing Protandim® with Your Pet

Some pets have no problem swallowing tablets. For those that do, begin by first crushing up the tablet and mixing it with their food. It is also possible to add a tablet to a small bottle with water, and mix the liquid into their food. A common and safe dosage (however we do not recommend without your Vets approval) is to use half of a tablet for cats and small dogs, a whole tablet for larger dogs and two tablets for horses. Remember, Protandim®'s ingredients are safe and all-natural. There is no toxicity level if you give your pet too much Protandim® in a single dose (1 or 2 pills).
To check out our complete website dedicated to Good Pet Health and how Protandim® can improve the quality of your pet's life, click on the blue button below.
Patented Scientifically Proven
Protandim®'s four-time patented formulation features five potent botanicals that signal the DNA in your body to increase the production of its own natural antioxidant enzymes. In simple terms, there is no other product like Protandim®. Its proprietary formulation, based on boosting antioxidant enzymes leads the market in fighting oxidative stress and aging.
Safe • Effective • All-Natural
Protandim® is Safe, Effective and All-Natural. Protandim® is 100% Vegetarian - Free of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy Gelatin and Yeast. Protandim® is the only supplement (a Nrf2 Activator) clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40%, slowing down the cell aging process to the level of a 20 year-old.
Backed by Clinical Studies
Protandim® is at the center of numerous clinical studies at over 24 major universities across the country including the University of Colorado, University of Michigan, University of Florida, University of Kentucky, Louisiana State University and Ohio State University.
Read the science for yourself. Go to and search the word Protandim®.

*As is true with any dietary supplement,
Protandim® is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
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